August 4, 2016

Software Testing Services

We all know about the importance of software testing as a means to protect your investments in software development. We are also aware that testing itself does not require to be part of your core competences: the outsourcing of testing services has many advantages. It allows you to focus on development, have overall better software quality due to external evaluation as well as more effective and efficient tests.

dmf offers individual, customized testing services: short term testing support for a phase or a project or a long term partnership in testing!

dmf: your testing experts

We are your testing experts and we can support you in all testing phases. Our testing process is standardized and we can cover all testing phases.

We can support you in your testing environment and if required can also offer you an independent testing environment which we will host with our Swiss hosting partner (Swisscom). We will be pleased to offer you this additional service as part of our testing offerings.

Experienced testing experts are available for you for:

  • Agile testing: Agile testing follows the principles of agile software  development. Agile development is integrating the testinginto the development process and supports actively the development process with continuous testing.

Our offer: We will provide the testing results just in time next morning having received your incremental release in the evening.

  • Usability testing: We test your software in our usability lab to ensure usability of your solution for your clients and users.
  • Functional testing: User acceptance tests based on requirement specification and system and system integration tests incl. API testing which ensure that your solution can be integrated with other systems and operated.wsa-install
  • Pre-& post installation tests: We ensure that your software can be installed and that your software was installed successfully. We are happy to run these tests during your night time.
  • Performance tests: Stress & load testing to help you understand the capacity required to run your software smoothly.
  • Regression testing:We ensure repeatability of your testing scenarios –manually or automated throughout all testing phases.
  • Monitoring testing: We continuously monitor the availability of your internet solution with predefined monitoring cases. Additionally we are able to offer 1stlevel support to handle a number of predefined scenarios without your involvement. We can also offer this service during your night time.
  • Security testing: We test the 6 basic security concepts: Confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability,
    authorization and non-repudiation.
  • Test data anonymization: Masking data with generated substitution values is the best way of anonymizing production data to obtain data for testing purposes. Data anonymization is an essential part of improving data security and data confidentiality in a testing but also in an education environment.

dmf testing process

As a first step we identify your requirements and your goals, the testing strategy, your acceptance criteria, the KPI’s for testing and our reporting.

Based on that we will draft an offer & contract and are ready for the selected services.

Why dmf testing services?

  • Software testing expertise with more than 20 years of experience in testing and quality management
  • Agile software testing: automated testing combined with manual testing to be in line with agile development process
  • Testing and availability monitoring during your night
  • Competitive pricing thanks to outsourcing to our testing factory in Philippines under Swiss management
  • Scalable testing capacity from part time individual testers to entire test teams.