August 4, 2016

Software and Website Development

Are you in need of expert resources for your Software and Website projects?

We can support you with web development in PHP and WordPress or also in ASP.NET and Java environments. We can work as part of your team or in sourcing an entire development task for a fixed price. Additionally we can support you with our testing services.

Would you like to have your own presentation in the internet or an e-commerce shop?

We are experts for your internet presentation, being it an information page, a blog or a modern e-commerce shop. We work with modern tools, from simple use to powerful platforms. We can even increase our services to you with offering our digital marketing know-how.

dmf: Your partner in software development

We are your software development partner for Windows- or Unix based systems:

  • Web development with WordPress
  • PHP development
  • ASP.NET with C# and SQL Server
  • Java and/or PHP with Eclipse or NetBeans and Oracle, NoSQL, Progres database management systems

The choice of the internet platform depends on your requirements:

  • Modern and simple to use: Our choice is WordPress. WordPress together with WooCommerce can be an excellent choice for your e-commerce shop
  • Modern and powerful: We support you in Sitecore or Hybris development.

We are also experience with data warehouse technologies, data marts, big data or business intelligence. We offer support for:

  • Microsoft: SQL Server Data Tools – Business Intelligence
  • Oracle’s Business Intelligence Foundation Suite
  • QlickView BI tool

dmf development process

Our development process is adapting to your requirements and process: As part of your team we integrate into your development process. Taking on an entire development tasks, we favor to work with agile methods with short program delivery times.

Why dmf software development services?

  • Software development expertise with well-educated software developers
  • Agile software development with integrated testing services
  • Competitive pricing due to our outsourcing to our development lab in Manila under Swiss management
  • Scalable software development capacity for you: As part of your team or as a solution provider with a fixed price arrangement.